Service, Parts & Accessories

Get the gear

More than bikes, we offer great gear. From helmets and shoes, to brake pads, drivetrains, cranks, saddles... and more. 

Get dialed in

We help to optimize your comfort by providing the bike fit and accessories you need and want.

Optimize your ride

Get fit for your riding style, goals, size and shape – to make sure you have the a great experience with your bike.

Stop by

Check out this year’s bikes and gear, fix a flat, or upgrade your comfort. We’re here to help.

Tune ups

Get it done right and minimize the time you are without your bike.  We inspect the bike from tip to tail and often give the bike a very thorough test ride to determine functionality beforehand and insure repairs afterward.

Fit done right

Thorough measurements and documentation. That's just the start.  How many times have you had to guess your saddle height? A properly fitting bike starts there. You get a copy and we keep a copy. This also provides a reference point when it's time to start considering a new bike.

Clean = Efficient

Your bike will always be returned with a drivetrain that is sparkling clean and looks new with premium or pro tune up. Clean parts turn more easily and last longer. The grit on your chain contributes significantly towards chain wear.

Free chain check

Drop in and we'll check your chain while you wait. It only takes a minute and can save you the expense of your worn chain also wearing out your cassette and chain rings. A chain used too long is a common misstep that leads to additional, unnecessary, component expenses.