Santa Cruz Hightower


Hightower has the versatility to deal with whatever appears on the horizon.  Running either proven 29" wheels or the new monster-truck 27.5”+ standard, Hightower seamlessly adapts to the trails and style you ride, no matter where you are in the world.  

So the big question, 27.5+ or 29?

29: If straight line speed, rallying through rock gardens and sprinting out of turns is your bag, then 29” wheels are the big ticket. Upgrade to the new Santa Cruz Reserve carbon rims and you have a precision instrument on your hands.

27.5+: When conditions get loose and the traction just ain’t there, you’ll want to reach for bigger tires. 27.5+ elevates to a whole different level, enabling you to rise above the pow, rail the soft spots and carry momentum where standard tires bog down.

Overall, it appears that Scott have done a superb job on the new Genius. A trail bike that has modern numbers and should play well with most riders on a wide variety of terrain with active and capable suspension, and it’s very lightweight (if that is your thing) with great attention to detail and integration.
— Pink Bike

Wheel Size:


Suspension Travel:

Frame Materials:


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Price Range: $3999 - 10,099